Band to play for Alfie the fighter


A THAME band is holding a gig to raise money for a potentially lifesaving vaccine for a premature baby.

Rodney Quakes, are performing at the James Figg on Friday January 27, as they fundraise for little baby Alfie.

When her waters broke after just 20 weeks, Lord Williams’s School teacher Amy Hackett was told her son would not survive the birth.

Now more than a year old, little Alfie has defied all the odds and is still fighting.

Amy said: “He is an amazing boy who has fought so much already.

“He is in intensive care as a result of contracting bronchiolitis for the fifth time this year.

“He has just been taken off the ventilator and is doing well. Unfortunately, this is the third time he has been ventilated.

“If he was to catch bronchiolitis RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus) the outcome could be a lot worse.

“There is a vaccination that could reduce the severity of RSV infection but unfortunately due to his age, Alfie cannot get this on the NHS.

“We have the opportunity to buy the vaccination ourselves but it is very expensive, which is why it is rarely given.

“We have been given so much support already from our local community and feel very lucky to live in Thame.”

The band, who are close friends with Alfie’s family, are holding the gig in the Stables to help foot the medical bill for the vaccine.

The evening starts at 7pm. Tickets will cost £5 on the door and all proceeds go towards the purchase of the vaccination.

Rodney Quakes are an Oxfordshire trio who play an eclectic mix of rock, folk and popular music.

They are named after the great 18th century agitator who was executed for stealing the King’s snuff.