Business hub launches at Aylesbury College

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Companies will have a place to meet and mingle after a new innovative business hub was launched.

Aylesbury College director Andrew Freeth hailed the Bucks Business Hub, which opened in collaboration with the Federation of Small Businesses last Thursday within the college, and offers companies a place to meet for a minimal fee of £12 a year.

Mr Freeth said: “Eighty per cent of businesses in Bucks are small or micro and the first problem as a small business is having somewhere to have meetings.

“Hotels are expensive and not necessarily where you want to have business meetings.

“I had 10 people commit (to membership) at the event.”

Mr Freeth said the idea for the hub spawned from realising few businesses around Aylesbury had a suitable venue for networking and their meetings.

After coming up with the idea this summer progression was rapid with the hub being unveiled last week.

Already several businesses have signed up to a membership and there are likely to be benefits for students within the college too.

“Colleges traditionally have not had a terribly good relationship with businesses. We thought how can we get round that? Then the hub was born.

“If a business thinks ‘I will take a couple of apprentices on’ then they are here in the middle of the college.”