Business Eye: More, better, best and you

Alex Pratt
Alex Pratt

Of course we now all realise that happiness is much more than a cigar called Hamlet, but for entrepreneurs in particular the attainment of bliss is a challenge seemingly way beyond the best of us.

No amount of perceived success seems to quell the urge to strive on again. The more successful you become, the more frustrated you are that you can’t attain peace, be satisfied, and no longer feel the need to strive.

Being an entrepreneur is essentially about seeing things better than they are now and being wired with a compelling need to act to achieve this vision.

Being unhappy about a current situation is the essence of entrepreneurship.

But spectacular success as an entrepreneur never seems to clear the mind of what was, and what could be, to make way for the peaceful acceptance of what just is.

Look closely into the back stories of many entrepreneurs and you’ll find pain.

It is relevant that the fathers of Sir James Dyson and Mike Clare died when they were young boys.

Of course, bad things happen to everyone and life inevitably contains suffering of one sort or another but while compensating by amassing money, status, possessions and the favourable opinions of others has a powerful influence on who we think we are, it cannot bring you to the deep feeling of being enough, at peace and with no compulsion to right the next imperfection.

While living fully more in the moment is wise advice, most of us confuse our self-image with our true selves and end up living lives focussed on memories or dreams, all the while trying to escape yesterday’s pain or avoiding pain tomorrow.

Denial is a form of escape, as are drugs and alcohol, as is distracting yourself with overwork.

True happiness they say exists when there is no reason to be happy.

To be blissfully happy means that none of the story you carry in your head about what needs to be just right, none of the rules, none of the wishes, none of the dreams that normally fill your mind remain.

It’s not easy choosing to live deliberately rather than being propelled by who we think we are, borne of the conditioning we each carry. Try it of you don’t believe me.

Chasing more, better, best is an empty life journey. Focus harder on now, because in the end it is all there is.