Burglars make off with £32,500 haul from Chinnor Parish Council

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A parish council maintenance shed was completely emptied by thieves in Chinnor on Monday night with two vehicles, mowers, strimmers and a number of other items totalling nearly £33,000 stolen.

An Iveco van which was stolen had a tracker on it and so was found and recovered.

Liz Folley, of Chinnor Parish Council said: “We are obviously very, very disappointed and upset by the break-in.

“They took a truck and tractor, although the truck has since been recovered. Looking at the main items that were stolen it totals around £32,5000 worth of stuff.

“Because of the tracker device, we have managed to give quite a lot of information to the police so hopefully they are following that up now.”

Anyone with information should call police on 101.