Bugs and insects in ‘disgusting’ Stoke Mandeville Hospital

Bucks health chief Anne Eden (left) and Councillor Julia Wassell
Bucks health chief Anne Eden (left) and Councillor Julia Wassell

Hygiene standards at Stoke Mandeville Hospital have been described as ‘disgusting’.

Councillor Julia Wassell said bugs and insects had been seen in the hospital’s reception area.

Responding to the complaints at a meeting of health bosses this morning, Bucks healthcare chief Anne Eden said: “This is the first I have heard of anything along those lines.

“Clearly that is totally and utterly unacceptable.

“We have standards we aim to adhere to.

“If complaints are raised we go back to our contracted organisations to put plans in place.”

Health chiefs have been grilled this morning by Bucks County Council’s health and adult social care select committee about changes to services brought in last year, including the centralisation of A&E services at Stoke Mandeville from Wycombe Hospital.

Ms Wassell said there are still problems with long waiting times at A&E, although the healthcare trust says it has been meeting targets since April after a difficult winter.

Dr Annet Gamell, chief clinical officer at the Chiltern clinical commissioning group, said improvements have been seen.

Dr Gamell said: “My clinical colleagues in Buckinghamshire Healthcare say that the changes which brought together the emergency medical teams at Stoke Mandeville meant that they were much better able to cope with the challenges of winter this year.

“Ambulance colleagues tell me that far more patients are now getting to the right place first time.

“Whilst these developments are very positive, we can always do better.

“For example patients continue to tell us that there is confusion about where to go in an urgent or emergency situation.

“We are therefore looking at how we can improve information for patients so that people can make the right choice.

“Transport was an issue before the changes and remains a cause for concern but this cannot be solved in isolation.

“All of the organisations involved are committed to working together to see what further improvements can be made.”