Bug forces ward closure at Stoke Mandeville Hospital

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Stoke Mandeville Hospital was forced into closing one of its wards after the norovirus outbreak.

The bug which caused large numbers of people throughout Bucks to suffer from vomiting and diarrhoea led to ward eight at the hospital being closed for a week.

However, director of infection prevention and control at Bucks Healthcare NHS Trust, Dr Jean O’Driscoll, said the outbreak was handled well.

She said: “We have been quite aware it’s circulating, primarily in primary schools.

“We have told the A&E department to not admit people if they are okay to not be admitted and if they should be admitted then they should go straight into a side room to stop it spreading.”

Dr O’Discroll said there had been a rise in people affected in the outbreak this year with 16 patients and two members of staff catching the bug.

In October 2011 seven patients and three members of staff were affected.

She was also keen to highlight that ward closures meant preventing people from being admitted to the ward and that of the week’s closure only two beds were unoccupied for the final two days from November 12 to 19.

The director added: “There has been a lot more about 
especially up to about a week ago.

“It does appear to be on the wane slightly now, though.”

Dr O’Driscoll said the hospital had to be smart with balancing its services whenever there is a virus outbreak.

“We have to prioritise. Other people with infections are kept out of the side rooms. We have to balance resources.”

She added that there was no spreading of the virus to other wards due to the good handling of the virus.