Budget cuts threat for town day centre

THE FUTURE of a popular day centre is hanging in the balance.

The level of funding to be provided to Thame District Day Centre is expected to be slashed as part of council budget cuts.

The centre, a local registered charity, has met for the past 25 years, at Thame Community Hospital. For many isolated and frail people in the district, it is their only chance to spend time out of the house.

Brenda Prosser, chairman of trustees, said: “It was made clear to us by the council last summer that because of the cuts our current grant, about £30,000 a year, would be heavily reduced as we would be part of their ‘second tier’ of social care funding.”

The centre recently extended it’s lease of the hospital for a further three years.

Mrs Prosser said: “Once we know we can start to move because we will have to raise the money separately.

“It’s going to be tough times ahead. We hope to receive details of the council’s grant at the end of this week.”