Budding actress sings for millions on top radio show

Issy McLoughlin sang to millions on Chris Evans' Breakfast Show
Issy McLoughlin sang to millions on Chris Evans' Breakfast Show

A budding young actress sang for millions of listeners on the Chris Evans Breakfast Show.

Issy McLoughlin, 12, phoned in to the BBC Radio 2 programme as part of the ‘first time’ feature to say she was auditioning for a show at Aylesbury’s Waterside Theatre.

Issy, who lives in Ford near Dinton, was on her way to school in Oxford when she spoke to the radio DJ about her first audition for Annie along with 500 others.

Issy’s mum Rachel McLoughlin, 47, said: “I thought she sounded lovely.

“I was driving her to school when she said ‘maybe I can ring in?’, so she did.

“Everyone has been very excited for her.”

Issy, who is in Year 8, is waiting to hear if she has secured one of only six parts as a speaking orphan for the production.

But she spoke to Chris and told him about the process before performing ‘Tomorrow’ live on air while she was sat in the back of her mum’s car.

Issy first spoke to Chris on Monday morning as he told her to ‘break a leg!’ at her audition. The radio show then called her back on Tuesday morning when she sang for Chris. It was announced this week the show is the most listened to in the country, with 9.2 million tuning in.

Listen to Issy singing on the Chris Evans Breakfast Show – ONLINE UNTIL TUESDAY FEBRUARY 11.