Bucks Herald inspires new grot spot action group

Brian Roberts
Brian Roberts

A new grot spot action group inspired by The Bucks Herald’s campaign to clean up Aylesbury is being set up by politicians.

Greater Aylesbury Local Area Forum chairman and Conservative councillor Brian Roberts said: “The Bucks Herald campaign is highlighting lots of problems.

“As taxpayers it costs a lot of money for it to be cleared up.

“We need to get the perpetrators of all this rubbish.

“We have got to get to the cause instead of trying to just identify it.It’s something we need to work on. Anybody who’s a member of the forum will be welcome to join us.”

Mr Roberts said the local area forum had been inspired to set up the committee by The Bucks Herald’s grotspot campaign.

He added: “We need to help clean the place up.

“There are already lots of people who work their socks off to clean the place up. We need to get a lot sorted.”

Mr Roberts said fellow Tory councillor Mark Winn had suggested the idea and that it was early days for the committee but that it would happen.

He estimated that the committee would be started within the next few weeks and that it should be properly up and running before the next forum meeting in September.