Buckinghamshire artwork bought for Lords gallery

Wombwell Farm by Laura Boswell, chosen by House of Lords - image is a farm in Brill
Wombwell Farm by Laura Boswell, chosen by House of Lords - image is a farm in Brill

A VALE artist has been chosen to represent Buckinghamshire by the House of Lords.

Paintings by Laura Boswell, of Winslow, have been chosen for the House’s permanent art collection – which aims to represent each part of the country.

Members of the committee were impressed with Boswell’s picture of a farm scene near Brill (main picture above) and another one of her paintings which depicted Lincolnshire (below).

The 46 year old, who is joint chairman of the annual Bucks Open Studios event, said: “It was displayed in the Obsidian Gallery in Stoke Mandeville and was spotted by the Works of Art Committee of the House of Lords.

“The committee had a gap in representing Buckinghamshire, because they are collecting works representing all of the counties.

“They were also impressed with my picture depicting Lincolnshire and chose that as well.

“The picture they chose of Buckinghamshire is of a place called Wombwell Farm which is near Brill.

“I think it is very representative of Bucks, with its beech trees and views and there is nice Autumnal colours with lots of golds and bronzes.

“To be chosen is hugely exciting and I’m very proud to be picked”.

Boswell is best know as the artist behind Europe’s largest enamel artwork in Aylesbury bus station.

The success of the project has led to a similar commission.

She said: “I am currently working on a village sign for Leysdown-on-Sea at the eastern end of the Isle of Sheppey

“It is an enamel work like in Aylesbury, but in the form of a big sign.”