Brothers find their long lost sister as part of TV show

Long Lost Family
Long Lost Family

Two brothers met their long lost sister for the first time in an emotional television reunion.

Robert and Alan Boulter, who live just outside Thame, appeared on ITV’s Long Lost Family programme which aired on Monday night.

The show documented their sister Julia Evans’ from Bristol’s search for her mother Anne Boulter.

Researchers discovered they had moved to the Oxfordshire area.

Julia was separated from her mother when she was a child, and she said her strictly religious father led her to believe that her mother had abandoned her.

Presenters Davina McCall and Nicky Campbell broke the news to Julia that her mother had died four years ago aged 59.

But the tragic discovery was made all the more bearable by the fact that she had two brothers - who she learned had been told about her their entire lives.

Robert said: “Mum always used to mention Julia and wondering what she was doing.

“She used to keep pictures of her in frames.

“If mum knew that Julia had left her dad it would have been different, it’s just sad that this is all happening now when mum is not around.”

Following the show Julia, Alan and Robert are still in close contact, and this is the first time that Julia has learned anything about her mother.

She said: “Knowing that she still talked about me makes me feel so much better.”