Brendan Cole says he is looking forward to bringing his new live show ‘back home’ to Aylesbury

Brendan Cole
Brendan Cole

BALLROOM superstar Brendan Cole says ‘no subject will be off limits’ when he brings his brother and live show to the Waterside later this month.

The Strictly Come Dancing veteran, who lives just outside Aylesbury, will perform for the first time at his home theatre on January 22.

Unlike other extravaganzas, Cole’s Live And Unjudged stage show features a question and answer session so the audience can get to know the real him.

He said: “The question and answer session very much depends on the mood we are in, and of course the audience and what they ask us.

“My brother is also one of my dancers and on stage he definitely takes the mickey out of me, and I do likewise.

“The show is very exciting and having my brother with me is quite unique.

“Most people they have seen me on TV but they don’t know me as a person.

“My brother can tell a couple of anecdotes from when we were growing up which helps make it much more intimate.”

The show features six dancers and a 14-strong band to perform music ‘from classic stuff to more modern’.

An excited Cole says: “It has all the dances that you would expect, but I wanted to do a show that is quite different.

“To bring the audience in more and involve them.

“A lot of people say to me they would like to have a go on the show, and it triggered me to think a lot more interactively with the audience.

“It’s all about the audience being involved, but of course it is a spectacular dance show, and you have all the costumes and lighting and the dancing is phenomenal.

“I would like to think it offers something for everyone, not just for the person who watches in on TV and then drags their partner along. I want them both to enjoy the show.”

“It is the fourth time I have taken the show on tour and I wanted to take it to venues that I haven’t been to before.

“It is the first time I have played in Aylesbury, but I have lived in a village just outside for nearly four years now.

“I think there will be extra pressure, because for a start I know the entire village cricket team will be coming to watch,” he jokes.

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