“Brain injury survivors are not alone – we’re here to help”

Peter Preston
Peter Preston
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Most people think that suffering a serious illness will never happen to them or that being struck down in the prime of life is a problem they are never going to have to face – and for most people that is true.

But… there are many survivors of brain injury who believe they are alone and struggle to recover as well or as fast as they could because they think they are alone.

At Headway Aylesbury Vale, we support survivors of brain injury and their carers to help themselves and each other to recover and get as much of their life back as possible.

We believe that there may be as many as 1,500 survivors of Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) in Aylesbury Vale. Yet many don’t realise there is help out there so we are raising awareness to show people that Headway Aylesbury Vale is here to help them. ABI can happen through a brain tumour, an accident or serious illness – leaving people with enduring injuries they never quite recover from.

Overnight, your world changes forever and – although you may look the same – you are unable to function as before.

It may be you simply become much more forgetful or feel a fog has descended over your brain. For many, the effect is even more serious, resulting in serious incapacity. We want to help survivors and carers to learn to manage the often dramatic changes that come with brain injury.

We have just moved to fantastic premises in Wedgewood Street, Fairford Leys and offer a great service but know there is so much more we could do if more survivors knew we were there. Headway offers a number of activities, including art, topical discussions, photography and socialising.

We are open two days a week, Monday and Wednesday, but are expanding our services. Headway is always looking for volunteers to help the services that really matter, whether that is delivering services, supporting marketing or fundraising.

If you would like to find out how you could help, please phone the manager, Karen, on 07852 569719 for an informal chat, or go to https://www.headway.org.uk/branches/aylesbury-vale.aspx