Boy’s jam jar campaign for his dying ‘mummy’

The Ledger family: Jenny, husband Ian and their children Morgan and Sophie
The Ledger family: Jenny, husband Ian and their children Morgan and Sophie
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A boy of six whose mother is dying from a brain tumour has started to raising cash for the hospice because ‘they look after mummy’.

Morgan Ledger, of Steeple Claydon, first started raising funds for the Florence Nightingale Hospice around six weeks ago, when he began asking members of his family and friends for pennies he could collect in a jam jar.

His mother Jenny, 36, was first diagnosed in May 2009 after she had been visiting the doctors for two years complaining of headaches and personality changes.

It was later revealed this was as a result of a cancerous tumour in her right frontal lobe – a part of the brain which controls personality, memory, interaction and judgement. And the tumour was around the size of a grapefruit – the largest seen by the lead consultant at John Radcliffe Hospital.

Jenny’s husband Ian, a police officer for Thames Valley, said: “Jenny started to become self-centred, short-tempered and aggressive. She’s always been such a jolly person who’d do anything for anyone.

“I was even considering divorcing her. Once we found out it was a tumour, I felt so guilty. I felt so bad I’d thought it was Jenny. It wasn’t her fault at all.”

Despite undergoing various treatments and surgeries, it remains unknown how long Jenny has left to live.

However, it is hoped she will still be able to see her daughter Sophie’s 10th birthday this Christmas.

Morgan has now raised almost £300 for the hospice, where Jenny is staying at the respite unit.

He said: “I did it because mummy goes to the hospice. I wanted to help them get more chairs.”

Jenny said: “It’s unbelievable for any child to want to raise money, especially at his age. We’re very proud.

“We’re also very privileged to have the help of the hospice.”

To support Morgan’s hospice campaign, visit or text MORG48£1 (where £1 is in the code, enter the amount you wish to give) to 70070.