Boxing clever in big magic stunt

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A big magic stunt involving a celebrity in an Aylesbury car park is being planned by the town’s resident psychological magician.

Sylar, who performs each weekend in Costa and CEX in the High Street, will use the stunt as the finale in his YouTube series Magic Beyond Belief which starts soon.

He said: “It will be a Russian roulette concept. Three large cardboard boxes will be in the car park and a celebrity will be in one of them. I will be blindfolded in a car and will instruct the driver to crash through two of the boxes. Hopefully the celebrity will be in the third unharmed box.”

Sylar has yet to secure a willing celebrity and welcomes suggestions and nominations from Herald readers.

He said: “We want to find a celebrity first then we will set a date for the stunt, and a location. We want to do it as soon as possible. It will be safe, there is nothing to worry about.”

The stunt will be shown in the final of six episodes, each lasting five minutes.

Sylar, who hails from Romania, came to England three years ago and now lives on Elmhurst. In addition to his work in the town centre shops he performs at weddings and private functions with a combination of mind reading and magic.

David Blaine was his initial inspiration. “I was just a bar tender,” said Sylar, “but I liked how it made customers feel when I tried out the magic.

“David Blaine’s autobiography teaches some of the effects, but I read a lot of other books, too.

“I didn’t start with any skills but I practice all the time. I practice with a deck of cards for days and days for a trick which may last less than a minute.

“I worked as a waiter, too, and that helped, watching people and working out how they think and react.”

You can contact Sylar on with your celebrity suggestions or nominations.