Bogus tickets warning

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FANS hoping to get their hands on tickets for next year’s London Olympics are being warned not to fall for scams in the rush to get the best seats for the Games.

The warning comes from Oxfordshire Trading Standards (OTS) after it emerged that a number of bogus websites have been set up.

Bogus ticket warning

Bogus ticket warning

Tickets on these sites are usually fake and are designed to con spectators out of their money.

Acting head at OTS Richard Webb said: “Bogus websites often look very professional, but it is only when the event draws near and the tickets haven’t arrived by the promised date that it becomes clear the website never had the tickets to sell.”

Instead people are being encouraged to only use the official website to get their tickets.

People can register now to receive up-to-date information and applications for tickets open on March 15.

There will then be a six-week window where people can apply for tickets and at the end a ballot will be carried out.

Tickets will not be sold on a first come, first served basis.

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