Blind people helped by new audio ATMs

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Many of Barclays’ ATMs in Bucks now have audio features to help blind and partially-sighted people.

Users can plug earphones into a jack and listen to the options being read out to carry out a transaction.

Previously, blind or partially-sighted people would need to ask someone else to help them access their money.

Pablo Vasquez, retail area director for Barclays in Buckinghamshire said: “This enhancement to our ATMs provides greater access and choice for people in Buckinghamshire.

“The functionality will benefit people with a range of disabilities including dyslexia, and other age-related impairments, as well as anyone who simply prefers to take information on board aurally rather than by reading.

“We hope the increased independence and privacy it offers will enable a new group of people to access ATMs and undertake an essential activity that so many of us take for granted.”