‘Better approach’ needed for working with travellers

Gypsies at Stewkley
Gypsies at Stewkley

A LANDOWNER says ‘there must be a much better approach’ after travellers moved onto her land, and the ‘slow’ process began to evict them.

A spokesman for the gypsy council agreed with the calls, criticising the closure of traveller sites and promises to provide pitches for travellers not being met.

Last week caravans moved onto a site near the Kingsbridge picnic area, between Stewkley and Cublington.

The landowner, who has asked not be named, says: “They have moved half a mile from one verge to another, officials have to serve all these forms and notices on them, then take them to court and also do a health and welfare report.

“All the farmers have been digging up their ditches and have left huge piles of stuff to the stop the travellers parking on their land.

“There has to be a much better approach than shifting them on every few weeks, and continually moving them on.”

Joseph G Jones, a spokesman for the gypsy council, said: “Buckinghamshire is not meeting its need for gypsy sites, surveys were done, a figure was set.

“I helped to set the targets and those pitches were supposed to be provided by 2011.”

“There is an established local need in the area, and there is nowhere for them to go. You can’t solve a problem by simply moving them on.”