Bercow opposes recycling centre plans

MP John Bercow opposes recycling centre
MP John Bercow opposes recycling centre

VILLAGERS in Long Crendon have MP John Bercow on side in their fight to stop a recycling centre coming to the area.

In an open letter to the head of Bucks County Council planning, Mr Bercow described the plans as ‘ludicrous’ and vowed to back his constituents in objecting to the idea.

He described Long Crendon as ‘one of the most picturesque villages in Bucks’ and claimed that such a development would bring ‘no benefit the residents’.

His backing has been welcomed by the villagers, who have been in uproar about the plans.

Tim Soar, who is leading the objections, said: “The important thing is that we now have John Bercow behind us. It’s simply the wrong place for this sort of activity, it is an area of designated natural beauty which should not be used for this sort of thing.”

A large campaign has been set up to generate local opposition to the idea, with every house in the village receiving a leaflet through the door.

But these leaflets have angered Tricia Murray, owner of Bucks Recycling, who claims the statements are “factually incorrect”.

She said: “It is total and complete nonsense we are not increasing the amount of lorries, it will be the same number of lorries as what we have and they won’t be going through the village any more.

“When false information is handed out people get very upset and worried there will be a great change.”

Mrs Murray was referring to the reference of there being 154 lorries a day, when in fact the company only owns 15 –however the planning application states that these could relate to 140 movements a day.

She also rejected the leaflet’s reference to the site being 9.2 hectares, insisting the plan is for 1.6, with the remaining 7.6 being given back for agricultural use.