Bercow in hot water after £100k expenses revealed

Vale MP John Bercow
Vale MP John Bercow

Vale MP John Bercow has spent almost £100,000 of taxpayers’ money on travel and accommodation expenses in the past three years, according to national reports.

A Freedom of Information request by the MailOnline revealed the House of Commons speaker had racked up a bill of £96,000 since May 2010 for business and leisure trips around the world and UK.

A number of the trips were made after being invited by foreign governments. The most expensive journey was £11,252.81 for the Speaker and two aides to fly to Ottawa.

The Speaker has faced criticism from fellow MPs who have said it should be the Governments inviting Mr Bercow picking up the bill and not the British taxpayer.

Bercow also used his chauffeur-driven car on two trips to his official portrait artist in 2011 and charged more than £100 to the taxpayer.

In total £63,000 was spent on flights and £16,000 on chauffeur-driven trips with £6,200 being charged for train travel, mostly in the UK.

A House of Commons spokesman told the Mail: “These travel costs for the Speaker and accompanying officials span a period of over three years and includes a significant amount of outreach activity throughout the United Kingdom.

“The trips abroad are following invitations from other parliaments and to attend international parliamentary conferences.

“The vast majority of travel is economy class, except for long haul flights and where other classes may be best value for money or match timing requirements.

“In line with the House’s commitment to greater transparency these costs will now be published on a quarterly basis.”