Barrister ‘I am not a liar and a fantasist’ over ‘bomb hoax’

Michael Shrimpton on the USS Enterprise in 2006
Michael Shrimpton on the USS Enterprise in 2006

A barrister who claimed that a dirty nuclear bomb was poised to blow up the Queen at the Olympics sparking a security scare says he did not lie.

Michael Shrimpton, who lives in Jusons Glebe Wendover is representing himself in his trial over the ‘hoax’ at Southwark Crown Court.

The lawyer, who the court heard had a ‘fascination’ for intelligence, told a close colleague of former Defence Secretary Philip Hammond about the ‘device’.

He also bombarded the offices of MP David Lidington with voicemails to repeat his bomb hoax, the jury heard.

In court Shrimpton said that his claims were the result of a ‘reasoned intelligence briefing from an intelligence specialist’.

He said: “The idea I was acting in bad faith didn’t occur to me.

“I thought I was doing something sensible.”

Prosecutor Alan Blake challenged Shrimpton over his motives, but he denied being a ‘liar or a fantasist’ when making the claims which were taken seriously.