“Ban the air guns used by cowards to shoot defenceless animals”

The poor swan shot by a 'coward with an air gun'
The poor swan shot by a 'coward with an air gun'

In spite of all the warnings from animal care groups the abomination of the air gun still blights all those little hideaways where no one is watching.

There those coward marksman; no, wrong word; just cowards can pick on any sitting duck to target.

This time it was a ‘sitting swan’, a trusting bird that will willingly come to bread or corn.

This was the opportune moment this swan’s assailant had been waiting for.

Here was a big, slow moving, white target trusting enough to swim up unaware of the pain and cruelty about to be fired at.

A pellet to the head, that was fairly easy but now the injured swan tried to escape – Bang! Bang! Bang!

Another three pellets whacked into the helpless body.

Then a quick skulking getaway leaving the swan to die in agony.

The critically injured swan has been brought to Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital where the veterinary team are striving to keep it alive.

An intravenous drip and painkillers are doing their best but only time will tell, it is still ‘touch and go’.

What is wrong with Britain?

Air guns are mostly legal but are often brandished about with no restriction.

They have no purpose in the main, not even being used for sporting target competitions.

No, these are still toys usually being pointed out of a teenager’s bedroom window to shoot the odd cat, squirrel, heron, pigeon or sparrow.

Going out down the canal produces much easier targets; ducks and swans.

Our swan was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Isn’t it about time that Britain took the common sense option for once and for all, banning air weapons?