Bake a cake for Dinton fete

People are being asked to bake cake, biscuits and scones to help raise money at the Dinton Parish Fete.

Chantal Heath is the person behind the stall so if you can help call her on 01296 747314.

Once again, Chantal’s near-neighbour, Geoff Smith, is in charge of the raffle. He and many familiar faces will be seen close to the entrance to the parish field where the raffle usually is. They will be busily filling in counterfoils, tearing them off and folding them, whilst Geoff and others try to encourage those who have just passed those fete stalwarts who are on the gate to part with at least a £1 which this year will buy them a ticket, or maybe £5 which will buy them a book of five tickets, and give them a chance to winning