Back of the net: New deals thrill town clubs

M & W Scaffolding - new sponsor for Aylesbury FC
M & W Scaffolding - new sponsor for Aylesbury FC

They say football is big money and so it is proving for both Aylesbury clubs who have attracted new business opportunities.

Following their merger with Aylesbury Town in December, Aylesbury United have now introduced a community discount card costing a family of five £13.50 for a year.

Neighbours and rivals Aylesbury FC have also struck a major sponsorship deal with local business M&W Scaffolding.

Both are promising moves and United’s community football officer Chris Perry said the attraction for businesses and customers is obvious.

He said: “It’s a way to advertise and getting your business out there. It’s a good marketing tool. Hopefully people too will see the benefits of signing up for what is quite a reasonable price.”

For M&W’s managing director Steve Mackintosh and FC chairman Danny Martone the agreement, which lasts until the end of next season is a big step.

Mr Martone said: “What it represents for us is stability. It opens the door. The first team is the vehicle to go forward. It’s not the be all and end all.”

Mr Mackintosh added: “Our business needs a bit more of a local profile. For us we have got to attract this audience.

“As an open and friendly club. Then we can build up a few people down here and the revenue then follows.”

Mr Martone emphasised the club’s ambition to be at the heart of the Aylesbury Vale community by offering all school children free season tickets.

But the desire for higher league football still pushes both clubs and attracts new deals.