Back in Time: Wimpy was landmark in old Friars Square

Friars Square, Aylesbury, in the mid-80s
Friars Square, Aylesbury, in the mid-80s

This is Friars Square shopping centre in the mid-1980s, undoubtedly photographed on a Sunday.

It is a place I am very familiar with as I was born in the early 1970s and grew up in Aylesbury.

Friars Square opened in 1967, built over an area of the town that was once covered with narrow streets and alleyways.

It was the time for everything to be new, regardless of the impact to the character of the town.

Wimpy started life as the Cadena Cafe and featured a large rotating sign on its roof.

It overlooked the market place that had moved from Market Square and there was an area below called Lower Friars Square, or as I knew it, the underground market.

By the end of the ‘80s the place was looking dated so a decision was made to modernise it, transforming it into the shopping centre we are familiar with today.

It certainly changed the feel of the place, particularly because it was now under a roof.

Photograph by Ron Adams.