Back in Time 1900: Walton Street was a hazard for drunkards

Walton Street with Walton Terrace in  circa 1900
Walton Street with Walton Terrace in circa 1900

Here is a view of Walton Street with Walton Terrace from around 1900.

At first glance it appears that little has changed but on closer inspection we can see that a few things have.

Immediately noticeable is the cottage on the left which stood right next to Holy Trinity Church. It was demolished in the 1920’s to make way for Walton Parish Hall.

The foundations of the old cottage are likely to be preserved under the paved area in front of the hall.

Further along by Walton Terrace there are no railings so anyone walking along the footpath would have had to watch their step. In fact there were some occasions back then of the odd drunkard accidentally falling into the road and injuring themselves.

It would have been quite dark down this end of town at night and there were many more pubs too. Another major difference between then and now is that the road is significantly wider, with traffic thundering past somewhere that was once tranquil.

Walton Street is rarely seen in old photographs. Do you have any you would like to share?