Baby was put at risk by poor nursing care

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A nurse who put a premature baby at ‘unwarranted risk of harm’ by failing to provide proper treatment must work within strict conditions for a year.

Nina Jay admitted she did not realise the heart rate and oxygen saturation levels of Baby A had dropped below a safe level and that she did not provide prompt and effective resuscitation.

Ms Jay, a neonatal nurse at Stoke Mandeville Hospital with six years’ experience, also did not notice that the air supply was not switched on when she was trying to treat the baby.

A committee of the Nursing and Midwifery Council heard that had it not been for the intervention of another nurse the consequences could have been serious.

Baby A was around three months old and had chronic lung disease.

Ms Jay has been issued with a conditions of practice order for one year, which has a number of conditions. She must be supervised whenever she is providing nursing or midwifery services and for the first six months of any return to work she can not work in intensive care. She must also create a personal development plan to improve her performance.