Aylesbury Vale’s top cop lays out policing plan

Commander Olly Wright
Commander Olly Wright

Police are confident they have crime in Aylesbury under control and are to focus more on rural areas and Buckingham, the Vale’s top officer has said.

Area commander Olly Wright said Aylesbury is a ‘very safe place to be’ and that the police and crime commissioner has asked for greater emphasis on rural crime.

He denied the focus on Buckingham was due to problems there, but that as a growing town it needs more attention.

Mr Wright, who recently took on the top job, also laid out some of his priorities – tackling burglary, violent crime and anti-social behaviour.

He said: “If you’re going to be a burglar or be violent to people in Aylesbury Vale then watch out.

“I want to make Aylesbury Vale a very difficult place to burgle.

“I want it to feel hostile if you’re a burglar.

“Violent crime has a lot to do with weekend night-time alcohol related violence.

“We are working really closely with Aylesbury Vale District Council to carry on running a well managed town centre.

“We do a lot of work on anti-social behaviour already and have had a massive reduction in the last year.”

The latest crime figures showed a fall in incidents for the third consecutive year in the Vale, with an 18% drop in burglaries, and the commander wants to continue this trend.

He also hopes to make better use of volunteer special constables, of which there are more than 50 in the Vale at the moment.

Mr Wright said: “I want to get them much more involved in joining with regulars, with a greater presence in the rural areas and the weekend night-time economy so we can further increase the visible presence on the streets at those key times.

“They’re not there to replace regular officers, they’re there to add to and enhance our police presence.”