Aylesbury teenage girl savaged by dog while protecting friend’s two-year-old daughter

Sammy Sly, with her boyfriend Ciaran Burke and mum Jennifer
Sammy Sly, with her boyfriend Ciaran Burke and mum Jennifer

A teenager has been mauled by a dog as she tried to protect a two-year-old girl from a ‘vicious’ attack.

Sammy Sly, from Aylesbury, was out walking with family and friends in the Ashridge Estate forest when a car with what are believed to have been two German Shepherds pulled up nearby.

When the car door was opened, one of the dogs bolted towards Sammy, 17, and Violet Hood, the daughter of a friend she was with.

Sammy instinctively picked Violet up and turned away from the dog, which bit the teen on her leg, arm and back, causing bleeding.

Sammy was able to get Violet into their nearby car before being taken to hospital.

The attack has left her with bite marks and possible scarring, but she says it could have been much worse had the dog got hold of Violet.

Sammy said: “The dog was running towards us at such a speed and my first thought was for Violet.

“If it had got her instead of me it would have ripped her to shreds.

“Before I could get into the car it bit my back and that’s when I started screaming.

“I was in quite a daze.”

Sammy’s boyfriend, Ciaran Burke, mother Jennifer and Violet’s mother Emma Hood were a short distance away when the attack happened.

Ms Hood, who also lives in Aylesbury, said none of them knew what was happening at first and praised Sammy for protecting her daughter.

She said: “It all happened so quickly.

“I just assumed the worst but luckily Sammy managed to get Violet out of the way.

“It was scary and horrible.

“I’m so grateful for the fact that she picked her up in time.”

The incident happened near the junction between the B4506 and Toms Hill Road at about 2.30pm on Tuesday (October 8).

As they were in a rush to get Sammy to hospital, no one took details from the people with the dogs, one of whom had walked off.

Mrs Sly said: “We were so distressed.

“I called the older bloke back and showed him the bites.

“He said he was sorry and went a but green when he saw her back.”

The family say there were two men, one in his 20s and one in his 50s or 60s, with the dogs and believe they were driving a Volvo estate car. They have urged anyone who witnessed the attack or who saw the owners to come forward.

Graeme Sly, Sammy’s father, said he was ‘furious’ about what happened.

Mr Sly said: “We would like the people to be found and prosecuted and I would like their dog to be dealt with.”

Anyone with information should call police on 101.