Aylesbury’s MP welcomes new royal baby

David Lidington
David Lidington
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David Lidington has offered his warmest wishes to the new royal parents.

When told William Hill bookmakers were offering the best odds on the more traditional royal names such as George and James, Aylesbury’s MP laughed and said: “Well that is almost certainly a safer bet than Ethelbert!”

Mr Lidington said he learned of the new prince’s arrival whilst watching the news on television last night. “I would like to send my warmest congratulations and good wishes to the Duke and Duchess and their little son. Like any of us who have had a family will know, the arrival of your first son or daughter is a completely overwhelming experience.

“I hope they will be given some space in the early years of their son’s life for some private family life because that at the end of the day is the most important thing.”

Mr Lidington said he thought it would be ‘impertinant’ of him to give advice on a name for the royal baby but he said: “I know when my wife was expecting our children we had boy and girl names worked out in advance. It wouldn’t surprise me if the Duke and Duchess have worked this out long ago, but may want to wait before telling the world.

“Most parents in Aylesbury will know that the choice of name is something that mothers and fathers debate and argue about at length. It is such an important decision and very private.”

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