Aylesbury’s historic Guides to celebrate its centenary

The historic 1st Aylesbury Guides in 1914
The historic 1st Aylesbury Guides in 1914

The 1st Aylesbury Guides will be marking its centenary this month with a big reunion and it wants past members to get in touch.

The Aylesbury Guide unit is the oldest in the county and is hoping to celebrate its 100th birthday in style by welcoming past and present members for a get together where they will create a time capsule and arrange a once in a lifetime trip to Switzerland this summer.

The 1st Aylesbury (Lady Smyth’s Own) Guides were the original unit to be opened in Bucks in 1913 but it wasn’t officially registered at Guiding CHQ until March 31 1914. Lady Helen Constance Smyth was Robert Baden-Powell’s aunt and lived in Stone House, Stone, and she opened and ran the unit for many years.

In the run up to the landmark year, the unit reports it is still thriving with 42 members aged between 10 and 14 and a strong team of leaders.

The Aylesbury Guides complete GoForIts, Challenge and interest badges, attend residential events and take part in a vast range of activities including abseiling, water orbing, horse riding, scuba diving and even sleeping in a museum.

If you were a member of the Aylesbury unit or know someone who was, get in touch for details of the reunion by emailing DebsFOL@aol.com or calling 01296 484632.