Aylesbury’s Alex settling in well to time in America

Alex with his mum Jasmin
Alex with his mum Jasmin
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The seven-year-old boy who readers helped send to America for life-saving cancer therapy is undergoing initial treatment.

Aylesbury’s Alex Novakovic flew to Boston on Sunday with his mother Jasmin and had his first appointment at the Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, on Tuesday.

The first stages of his treatment have involved being measured for a mask which he will wear to protect him from radiation while having the proton therapy and he is also due to have a MRI scan and a CT scan.

Alex’s uncle, Daniel O’Brien, said: “The MRI scan will let the doctors know how they need to concentrate the proton beam onto his brain.”

The Bedgrove Infant School pupil is spending around two hours a day in hospital and is expected to start the proton therapy itself around May 14.

He has settled in well in Boston and is having time to enjoy the city.

Mr O’Brien said: “He’s doing really well.

“He’s spending a lot of time in the park.

“He’s enjoying all the big buildings, I think he’s quite fascinated by them. Coming from Aylesbury and then going to Boston, I think it’s quite exciting for him.

“The place where he’s staying has other children having the same therapy which is nice for him and hopefully he can make some friends while he’s there. It’s an ideal set-up.”

The £255,000 needed to help Alex was raised in just a week and nearly £360,000 has now been donated.

Any extra money not used on post-therapy treatment will go to charity.