Aylesbury’s Alex feeling fit and strong after first rounds of therapy

Alex has his treatment and, below, 'negotiates a peace treaty'
Alex has his treatment and, below, 'negotiates a peace treaty'

The first round of treatment designed to save Alex Novakovic’s life has gone well, with the seven year old emerging feeling ‘fit and strong’.

The Bedgrove Infant pupil, who readers helped send to Boston for life-saving cancer treatment by raising more than £255,000 in a week, had his first proton therapy session last week.

Alex Novakovic in Boston

Alex Novakovic in Boston

A message on his Facebook page said ‘everything went according to plan’ during the hour-long therapy at the Massachusetts General Hospital.

His followers were told: “He has to be sedated and put into a specially made mask to keep him absolutely still while the proton machine does its work.

“Alexander feels very comfortable with the staff at Massachusetts General.

“After the treatment, Alex was put under observation but was up and about within an hour feeling fit and strong.”

Alex has to have a one hour session every day, five days a week for another five weeks.

When not at the hospital he has been able to explore the city, even meeting the ‘Boston militia’.

A message on his Facebook page read: “After his treatment yesterday, Alexander took the time to negotiate a peace treaty with the Boston militia on behalf of Great Britain.”

At one point after his brain tumour was discovered Alex was given just days to live, but has battled on, aided by the support of more than 10,000 donations from home and abroad.

More than £400,000 has now been raised to support Alex, with any funds not needed for therapy going towards post-treatment care he may need.

Any money that is left over after this will go towards charity Kids ‘n’ Cancer, which has been supporting Alex.