Aylesbury MP demands answers over flooding

David Lidington MP
David Lidington MP

Aylesbury MP David Lidington is demanding answers from the Environment Agency after flooding devastated homes in the town.

The MP, who visited victims in the Willows estate near Walton Court on Saturday morning, is writing to the agency to seek answers on whether the floods could have been prevented.

He said: “At this stage I don’t want to point fingers but a letter will be going off today or tomorrow with a number of questions.

“One is what the Environment Agency is doing in terms of regular maintenance of Stoke Brook.

“Several residents said to me that the inspections take place very rarely, once a year, and that contractors do very little to remove debris. Are they good enough?”

Mr Lidington also questionned whether sluice gates. which control the flow of water, had been mismanaged at local reservoirs.

“The speed at which the water dissipated suggests that sluice gates, which were closed, had been opened. Or there was a large blockage which was dealt with?

“What exactly was going on there and why was that not identified earlier?”

Finally, he wants to know whether blocked drains played a part in the flooding.

He added: “Once we have established some facts, we will need to get all the agencies involved to make sure we minimise the chances of this happening again.

“We also need to know, given the sheer volume of rain, whether any reasonable flood defence would have worked or was it just overwhelmed.”