Aylesbury College praised for the way it motivates staff

Aylesbury College, Oxford Road, Aylesbury
Aylesbury College, Oxford Road, Aylesbury

Aylesbury College was commended in a higher education standards report for the way it supports and motivates its staff members.

A team of reviewers from the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education visitedthe Oxford Road college and judged its academic standards, the quality of its student learning opportunities, and the level of information about its learning opportunities.

Their findings showed that those categories met the standard expected in the UK, and they especially praised the ‘rigorous and creative approach to supporting and motivating staff in the development of the virtual learning environment’.

It was noted that teachers and staff work well together with students to develop them as independent learners and enable them to study their subject in depth.

It also raised the positive working relationship between the College and Buckinghamshire New University, which benefits students and allows them to progress quicker.

However, reviewers judged that student learning opportunities at the college – which teaches 4,000 students – need to improve if it is to meet requirements.

It recommends that the College develop robust support for students’ transition into higher education across all provision in partnership with students’ employers.

A spokesperson from Aylesbury College said: “Aylesbury College is delighted that the QAA report confirms that the college meets expectations in these three areas.

“The college has introduced new transition arrangements for its higher education students starting this September, and we are working closely with students and local employers to enhance their experience.”