Aylesbury businessman aiming for the stars

After a high flying career working across the world for an aviation company Guy Lachlan bought Aylesbury business Jones and Cocks to connect to the community.

And to celebrate the imminent arrival of a spectacular comet he has released an e-book for children which he wrote during the years he lived and worked in Prague for American aviation firm Honeywell.

The Day the Comet Came to Tea is available for download onto iPads from the Apple App Store.

Mr Lachlan, who is married and has three children, said: “I’m interested in words and believe firmly that dads should read to their kids. I started a poem over our family tea one day about how you could change the meaning of a word completely by adding just one letter. Come becomes comet.”

Mr Lachlan had 100 copies of his book printed in 2007 but decided to re-release it as an e-book to make it more widely available and to coincide with the arrival of the Ison comet due to pass in the third week of November.

Mr Lachlan, of Waddesdon, bought Jones and Cocks in Rabans Lane four years ago.

He said: “I came in for some nuts and bolts on a Saturday morning and discovered it was for sale. My wife and I were looking for a local business to buy. We wanted to be more involved with the local community. You get one shot at life. I wanted to move into something different. I had spent a lot of time on the train to London and travelling in my work.”

Mr Lachlan employs seven people and has grown the business.

He offers a selection of gases and is the biggest local supplier of heating gases for home and industrial gases for businesses.

The shop supplies everything from individual nuts and bolts up to heavy duty power tools.

And it is the only auto gas filling station in Aylesbury supplying LPG for cars.

The business also offers a procurement service and has even located and supplied a boat for a customer.