Avast, there be fun and games at Thame school

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Pirates took over St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School last week as the youngest pupils brought their topic work to life.

All the pupils in Early Years dressed up as pirates for the day, along with their teachers, and took part in a series of activities and enjoyed an interactive 360’ show.

Each child was given a pirate name and a range of tasks to complete from making a treasure chest or spyglass and drawing a treasure map to completing a treasure hunt.

The four and five year olds also experienced life on The Beagle ship in a unique inflatable science dome in the school hall.

The dome was used to teach the children about how explorers used the stars to navigate and the 3D show allowed them to see what life was like aboard a ship.

Teacher Lisa Oakley said: “We had a lot of fun being pirates and our adventure continued when we entered the inflatable dome and experienced life on the ocean ‘inside’ the boat.

“It really sparked their imagination.”

Children from other years also had the opportunity to enter the science dome and watch 360’ shows linked to topic work with themes including dinosaurs, the study of space, maths and natural symmetry.