Aussie takes on title of Lord of the manor

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An Australian with British heritage has become Lord of the manor of Postcombe after buying the title.

The lordship came up for sale earlier this year and Sydney-based urban planner Nigel Ross Parsons has snapped it up.

No land comes with the lordship, just the title, but the new lord will be able to use it on his passports, chequebooks and credit cards. He will also be able to join the Manorial Society of Great Britain.

The new Lord of Postcombe heard about the sale through a friend who works at Manorial Auctioneers, which was handling the sale and, although he has no direct links to the area, the lord was keen to be ‘a custodian of history’.

He said: “I understand the significance that heritage plays on an individual.

“In our rapidly changing world, an interest in who we are and where we have come from is important.

“Heritage enriches the character of a place and helps create a sense of place, helping a person develop a sense of self and community.”

The Lord of Postcombe’s family is originally from Berkshire, but he has been learning about the lordship and plans to visit the area, near Lewknor, later this year.

He said: “I feel the I am learning something new every day.

“My next step is to learn more about the area today and what it means to the wonderful people that call it home.”

Asked how much he paid for the title, the Lord said ‘some things are better left a secret’, although when it went on sale offers of around £5,250 were being accepted.