Artist back in town to show off handiwork

Some of Louise's porcelain handiwork
Some of Louise's porcelain handiwork

An artist who grew up in Thame is returning to town to exhibit her range of ceramic pots.

Former Lord Williams’s School pupil Louise Hall now lives in Cardiff where she works with porcelain to create hand-built forms and vessels.

But Louise will return to town for the Sally Evans Event at Thame Town Hall on Saturday April 26.

She is currently building up her business in Wales having been awarded a graduate scholarship for a studio in Cardiff, where she creates her sculptures.

Louise said: “The pieces of porcelain teeter on the balance between extreme fragility and absolute strength.

“I physically manhandle them but each piece, although perhaps similar in shape, will differ due to the force, positioning and timing of the contact between man and material.”

Louise has exhibited across the country at fairs and art shows such as London’s Handmade in Britain and Lustre in Nottingham.

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