Array of celebs to attend party in Thame to honour the memory of Bee Gee Robin Gibb

The late Robin Gibb, his wife Dwina and son Robin-John at Thame Town Hall
The late Robin Gibb, his wife Dwina and son Robin-John at Thame Town Hall

An array of celebrities will be coming to town to celebrate the life of Thame’s most famous resident Robin Gibb.

A-list lyricist Sir Tim Rice is among the stars attending the unveiling of Mr Gibb’s blue plaque, which will be put up in his memory at his former home The Prebendal by the Heritage Foundation next Sunday at 2pm.

This will be followed by a garden party, also to be held at the Gibbs’ home.

Others in attendance reads like a who’s who of stars from music, television, radio and film and includes Amy Winehouse’s father Mitch Winehouse and his second wife Jane as well as actor, radio and television presenter Nicholas Parsons OBE.

Actor and singer Jess Conrad OBE, radio and television presenter Paul Gambaccini, musician Les Reed OBE, Eastenders actor Derek Martin, casting director Kate Plantin, actor John Challis, comedian and actor Michael Black, singer Julie Rogers, former Radio One DJ Mike Reed, Radio Two presenter Bob Harris and Queen lookalike Elizabeth Richard will also be in attendance.

Mr Gibb’s blue plaque will be the fifth to be put up in Thame. Others include Henry Boddington, Alfredo Campoli, William Butler Yeats and James Figg.

Mayor of Thame Nigel Champken-Woods said the list of famous people attending the party was yet another piece of great news for the town.

He said: “It’s Thame once again punching above its weight. I think it speaks volumes for the town that Robin Gibb decided to live in Thame.

“He had homes across the world, and yet apparently he was always happy to come home.

“With the Literary Festival and the Food Festival, this will be just one more thing adding vibrancy to the town.

“Robin’s wife Dwina and his son are going to stay living in Thame as well, so I hear, and Dwina is still very much involved in the community.”

Net profits of the event will go to The Bomber Command Memorial Maintenance Appeal Fund.t