Arla defends tanker caught off track

The tanker caught in Fairford Leys
The tanker caught in Fairford Leys

An Arla milk tanker which was spotted off its agreed route in Fairford Leys was visiting a local contractor for repairs, the megadairy has said.

A picture was tweeted by @imagit who said the lorry was found ‘hiding’ on February 6 in an area which it is not meant to be in.

But a spokesman for Arla said it was visiting a Fairford Leys garage for welding works.

She said: “We agreed to use local service providers from the very start, when we moved into the area.

“The contractor is actually looking to move premises off the back of work from us, which will in the future alleviate the likelihood of tankers in that area.

“But until that time, others may be spotted.”

The megadairy has refused to name the contractors due to ongoing contract negotiations.

Arla has been assigned a specific route through the town to minimise the chance of congestion for road users.