Apply for a grant to help out Thame

Nigel Champken-Woods
Nigel Champken-Woods

Anyone wanting to do something to benefit Thame can apply to the town council for a grant to make it a reality.

Around £17,000 is available for individuals and community organisations looking to improve the range of activities and services in Thame.

All grant applications must be received by April 30 and will then be considered by a panel of councillors and agreed by the council in June.

The Mayor of Thame, Councillor Nigel Champken-Woods, said: “Anybody can apply.

“The main thing is it must improve the situation in Thame. It can’t just be for you and your mate to go and spend down the pub. It has to be for the benefit of the town.

“It also can’t be for something that is funded at the centre and it can’t be spent elsewhere. It has to be spent in Thame.”

Application forms are available from Thame town hall or from the council’s website at If you have any questions or would like forms posted to you, call 01844 212833 or email