Appeal to help hospice patients

A syringe driver
A syringe driver
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The lives of Bucks hospice patients in need of pain relief could be made easier with your help.

Rennie Grove Hospice Care needs batteries to power new syringe drivers which are used to give pain relief to people who can no longer swallow.

Many patients need a syringe driver for five to ten days, but some can use them for one of two years.

Director of nursing and clinical services Sue Varvel said: “A syringe driver is an important part of our mission to care for patients at home and to give them the choice to die at home if that is their wish.

“Without syringe drivers our nurses would find it difficult to manage some patients’ symptoms, minimise their pain or keep them comfortable at home.

“If a patient can no longer swallow, and therefore can’t take pain relief orally, a syringe driver offers a safe solution because it administers pain relief in constant measured doses subcutaneously.

“Our new syringe drivers are the safest and most accurate way to provide pain relief tailored specifically to a patient’s individual needs but they will incur an additional cost and that’s why we’re appealing.”

Anyone wishing to donate batteries or money should call 01442 890222.