Appeal to give toddler chance of normal life

Lacey Leggett
Lacey Leggett

The Aylesbury grandmother of a 20-month-old girl with an incurable illness is appealing for people to help her live a normal life.

Thousands of pounds have already been raised, including via events in Aylesbury, to bring Lacey Leggett home from hospital.

Her family now needs help to raise money for equipment to make her home life better.

Lacey, who lives in Andover, is believed to be the only person in Europe with mitochondrial depletion disease, which leaves her permanently weak and in need of 24/7 care, including constant ventilation.

Her grandmother, Chrissie Leggett, said: “We need to raise money to help make Lacey’s world a safe and happy one.

“We want to buy her a specialised bouncer chair, electronic play equipment, a garden swing and a trike, but as you can imagine every item every other child can play with has to be specially made for Lacey.

“We also really want to make her garden disabled-child friendly so she can go outside in the sun, rain and snow.

“With your help Lacey could enjoy the simple pleasures of life in the safety of her own little world.”

Lacey has spent much of her life in hospital in Southampton but her family wanted to bring her home as there was little that could be done for her there.

They were also concerned that she would get ill because her condition makes it easy for her to catch infections.

Anyone wishing to support Lacey or find out more should go to her justgiving site or search for ‘Lacey’s Fight With Mitochondrial’ on Facebook.