Anti bullying book released for adults

Alex Gadd
Alex Gadd

A BRAVE Prestwood man has written an anti bullying advice book, after reflecting on his own experiences and deciding he wanted to help others in a similar position.

Alex Gadd, 28, said: “I was picked on quite a bit, I have dyspraxia, which is a learning disability.

“One of the myths about bullying is that it is a school yard thing, but being bullied as an adult is still bullying.

“I found there wasn’t much material for adults, it is all for children who have been bullied. I am proud to be able to get the book out so a lot of other people will get the benefit from it – so far I have had many positive reviews on Amazon.”

The book is called Beat The Bully: A Guide To Dealing With Adult Bullying.

Alex also runs the website