Anger at Bedgrove bus service changes

Brian Meerza - complaint over change of bus timetable from Bedgrove in Aylesbury
Brian Meerza - complaint over change of bus timetable from Bedgrove in Aylesbury

Arriva’s Aylesbury to Bedgrove bus service will run less frequently from the beginning of September.

Bedgrove and Broughton’s number 9 service is to be replaced by the number 8 which on Saturdays before 10am and after 4pm will only run every 40 minutes compared to the current 20 minutes.

The final bus from town on weekdays will also run at 6.15pm rather than the existing service which finishes at ?

Brian Meerza, 76, of Craigwell Avenue, believes the changes will make life more challenging for many people in Bedgrove.

He said: “It’s a damn nuisance. It doesn’t encourage people to shop in Aylesbury. Getting to the hospital will be a lot more difficult and there’s a lot of elderly people in this area.”

Mr Meerza pointed out that new estates Buckingham Park and Berryfields are both set to benefit from increased bus services and felt that Bedgrove was being singled out.

He added: “It seems they run the services to suit themselves.”

Arriva and Bucks County Council both said the decision was made for commercial reasons due to a lack of passengers on the route. The council has bought back frequency enhancements on a Saturday between 10am and 4pm

The changes to the Bedgrove service are just one of many which will take place from September 1 throughout Aylesbury Vale.

The Berryfields estate will have green route 4 which runs up to every 20 minutes to the Coppice Estate with council contracted Redline Buses.

The silver rider, which currently operates between Fairford Leys and the town centre, will extend to Buckingham Park replacing the purple route and will increase weekday frequency up to every 15 minutes.

Watermead residents will also receive the same benefit from the water rider service.

Southcourt, Walton Court and Stoke Mandeville Hospital will no longer be served by the green route 4. Arriva’s red route 9 will continue to serve these places every 12-15 minutes.