Andy turns the tables on lonely lives of DJs

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Andy Holmes has more than a decade of experience in the media, including print, radio and video; a drama degree that he swears he is going to use one day; and has now released his first book.

I suppose the question should be, is there anything he can’t do? But the 32 year old from Aylesbury says he hopes he is just at the start of a long literary journey with his first work as a writer in the shape of Always The DJ.

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Andy, who works in local government and says he much enjoys being part of the Aylesbury community, started the book when he was 28.

The story centres around Alex Smith, a mobile DJ in his late 20s, who is looking for love happiness and the meaning of life as he reaches 30, an age he regards as a crossroads.

And Holmes says the character bears more than a passing resemblance to himself.

“If I’m honest I’ve been that DJ, I was a broadcaster in my early 20s and spent the majority of my late 20s Djing at weddings and functions and it always struck me what a lonely profession it could be,” he said.

“You’re paid to entertain sometimes hundreds of people, but sometimes it’s a question of ‘Who entertains the entertainers?’ And what lurks behind the painted smile?

“Alex is not in a position to DJ full time, so he’s forced to maintain a dead end office job during the week, and even in the DJing he’s reaching a point where he’s wondering whether there’s more to life.

“He wants to move on, wants to take steps forward but is haunted by not being able to forget about things that have happened to him in the past.

“The book also examines the problems caused by the modern family set up and depression.

“But there’s also the slightly more uplifting themes of learning to be happier with your lot and getting on, thanks to help from your friends and also by using what comes from within, plus hopefully enough references to pop music to put a smile on a few faces.”

Always The DJ will be available to buy as an e-book on Amazon as part of the Kindle Direct Publishing Format from November 1.

For more details follow Andy on Twitter via @andyholmesmedia