Allergies shouldn’t mean boring meals

Tanya Wright & her book about nutrition for kids
Tanya Wright & her book about nutrition for kids

A mum-of-two has written a cook book for families who struggle to plan meals because of a child or parent’s allergies and intolerances.

Food-allergy specialist Tanya Wright aims to prove that meals do not have to be ‘boring, tasteless and poor in nutrition’.

Mrs Wright, of Thame, has 20 years’ experience in the field.

She currently works in a London-based specialist children’s allergy service, gives advice to the NHS in Bucks and runs a private clinic in The Practice on Thame High Street.

She said: “The book’s aim is that the whole family, including the person with the food allergy, can eat the same food and really enjoy it.

“Everyday foods, celebrations and parties are all catered for within the book.”

The recipes featured are free from milk, dairy, lactose, gluten, wheat, egg and soya.

Mrs Wright, who used to live in Aylesbury and Stone, said: “Diets that exclude foods are often thought of as boring, tasteless and poor in nutrition.

“This book highlights all the positive things about a restricted diet and food allergies and allows food to be delicious and interesting, which in turn means foods are eaten rather than put in the food recycling bin.

“Feeling the same as everyone else is really important for those with food allergies as they often feel left out and different.

“So for once they can join in and eat the same delicious food as everyone else.”

The book has savoury recipes and baking ideas for puddings, sweets and treats.

It highlights ways to achieve a good calcium intake for those who are milk allergic or lactose intolerant.

Recipes are coded by symbols to show those high in calcium, protein, iron and energy – which are the nutrients often lacking in restricted diets.

It also explores alternative foods, grains, milks and egg replacements to raise awareness of them.

“I would have to say that anyone with food allergies should aim to be in control of the food allergy rather than letting the allergy control them and the family,” said Mrs Wright.

“Embracing the diet and getting creative is the key.”

The book is called I’m Hungry: Easy Family Recipes Free From Milk, Egg, Soya, Wheat, Gluten. It can be ordered via