Alex all set to go back to school after lifesaving treatment

Alex Novakovic with his family
Alex Novakovic with his family

An eight-year-old boy who has the people of Aylesbury to thank for his miracle recovery from a brain tumour is ready to return to school.

Alex Novakovic will return to Bedgrove Junior School on Monday, and is looking forward to seeing his friends.

In 2013 the youngster travelled to Boston to have pioneering treatment for a brain tumour, paid for by generous Aylesbury residents who donated £406,000.

And although Alex is only attending school part time at the moment, his father Rad is hopeful that this is the start of their lives returning to normal.

He said: “The doctors suggested that he goes part time first to see how he gets on, but we are hoping he’ll be back full time soon.

“He is excited to be back to normal and all his friends are looking forward to him coming back.

“Without the help of Aylesbury people Alex wouldn’t be in this situation. The only thing we ever wished for was normality and now it’s coming true.”

And Rad says that he is not worried that Alex had missed school. An assessment in Boston showed that he was ahead of his age group in educational development.

He said: “He might be a little bit behind at first, but before he left he was ahead of his age.

“With a bit of hard work he will be just fine.”

On Monday Alex will attend morning lessons and have lunch with his friends before heading home.

The school’s headteacher Caroline Wreglesworth and her staff have worked alongside the family to make sure that his return to school life is as seamless as possible.