Action group oppose Sainsbury’s plans

Plans for the cattle market
Plans for the cattle market

PLANS to build a large Sainsbury’s store in the town have hit a setback after the Cattle Market Action Group announced it was against the idea.

Instead the group has proposed that the historic site should be used for the benefit of the community.

Member Krystyna Hewitt said: “It is such a central site in the town and we believe it is the best place to be turned into a community centre.

“There is a definite lack of community space in the town at the minute as a number of our clubs have to meet outside Thame.

“We see the site being used throughout the day, after school and in the evening.

“It could also be a site for professional theatre groups to rent out as there is very limited space for that in the town.”

Mrs Hewitt’s comments came in reaction to a leaflet which was sent out by Sainsbury’s to every house in the area.

The leaflet includes a reply slip, allowing people to express their own views. Now Mrs Hewitt wants to make people aware that there are other options to the supermarket.

She said: “We want people to know about the alternatives before filling out the form. We are in a strong bargaining position and so people should know that Sainbury’s coming to Thame is not a done deal.

“It is our role to show those who are making the decisions that a community space should be part of any development on the cattle market site.”

There is still the chance that both ideas can be incorporated within the current site, with a spokesman from Sainsbury’s saying: “We recognise that some groups are keen to see improved community facilities and Sainsbury’s is willing to discuss this aspiration.”